El Bastón del Rey

Silver Tequila

El Bastón Del Rey is a bold, one of a kind Silver tequila. Experience old school class with this character rich tequila. You'll be transported with the sweeter ancestral flavors of 7 1/2 year old agave that is slow roasted, instead of steamed. The company's high standard of ingredients and care means you'll find nothing artificial about this smooth, full flavor blue agave tequila.

Notable Quotes

“I'm Sold.”

“I've never had a tequila, an old school tequila that tastes like this. And I'm so damn impressed.”

“Wouldn't even be fair to put it in competition with mainstream, run of the mill, average tequilas.”

“This is really different. I can't say that in my entire career of drinking, that I've had a blue agave tequila that tasted like this.”

El Bastón del Rey

Reposado Tequila

You'll feel like you've found a hidden treasure with this rich, golden Reposado. You first experience a sweetness of wood and butterscotch on the nose, with a long, lingering finish of blue you that vintage tequila experience. This reposado is changing how things are done by aging its complex Silver Tequila for 8 months in Canadian oak barrels. The tight grains allow the characteristics of the wood to influence the tequila while staying true to the bold, complex flavors from the El Bastón Del Rey Silver. This tequila will leave you saying, "Stop talking, I'm having a moment."

Notable Quotes

“For the shortcuts that are going on right now in the industry, this is not one of those tequilas. This is what those tequilas are trying to be.”

“This is rocking my world.”

“Holy Cow!”

“This is certainly a stand out.”

“It's not fair for it to compete with anything else, because it isn't like anything else.”

“This is like the reposados I was falling in love with when I was first getting into tequila.”

El Bastón del Rey

Añejo Tequila

This is an aficianado’s tequila! Beautiful color and incredible mouth feel. Their Añejo is so complex and there are so many levels to it, it won’t reveal itself to you right away. Most people won’t won’t have the vocabulary or breadth to fully appreciate this, so you have to take your time with it. But the depth, balance, and character of this Añejo is extraordinary. You keep getting new layers as you keep sipping.

Notable Quotes

“This is spectacular, man!!!”

“Wow!! It reveals its secrets to you like the Sphinx. It’s like an archeological find!”

“This is completely different, and it’s one we will be talking about forever.”

El Bastón del Rey

Extra Añejo Tequila

Gorgeous color! Fantastic on the nose. This reveals itself to you in layers. Beautiful balance, dried cherries and plums, deep notes, some leather and tobacco, and it keeps evolving. Some beautiful spices, like cinnamon, but it has a nice dry finish.

Notable Quotes

“Folks, make an effort to get this. Not only is it a great sipping tequila, it ... shows what can be possible when you innovate in an old school way. Who knew?”

“A great apéritif! Would be amazing with dessert, like a tiramisu, crem brulee’, or maybe a flan.”

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