Why are we different?

Ultra Premium Artisanal Tequila That Is Unlike Any Other On The Market Today.

Mature Blue Agave

El Bastón del Rey uses 7 ½ year old blue agave for natural sweetness and maximum flavor. All of our agave is hand-selected and is grown in The Highlands of Jalisco or nearby mountainous areas.

Slow Roasted

The agave piñas are slow roasted for three days (instead of steaming in a few hours like other tequilas) using smoke from the robles wood (a Mexican oak) as a spice. The slow roasting brings out the full, natural sweetness of the agave, as well as the floral, fruity, and savory vegetal notes of the agave. “When sipping this tequila, it makes me want to say – Stop talking! I’m having a moment . . . “ Tequila Afficianado

Natural Flavor

Our unique approach takes advantage of the natural flavors inherent in perfectly ripe agave with perfect terroir. No yeast, no flavoring, no chemicals, no fruit juice - just the pure flavor of the best agave in the world. Yes, our tequila is sweet, but if you select the right agave and cook it the right way, nothing needs to be added.

Our Taste

El Bastón del Rey is praised by connoisseurs and tequila professionals alike. More importantly, the tequila’s incredible smoothness, natural sweetness, as well as a hint of smoke, make it an overwhelming favorite with casual drinkers who just want amazing flavor in a sipping spirit or cocktail.

Exceptional Choice

The Silver and Reposado tequilas make the best margaritas and cocktails possible and give mixologists the ability to craft cocktails that their customers are willing to pay a premium for. Try it straight with a wedge of orange over ice. Yum!!!

Sophisticated and elegant, our Añejo and Extra Añejo are two of the finest sipping tequilas available. Or if you want to change things up, try our Añejo as a substitute for whiskey in your favorite cocktails!

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There’s nothing else like it…

In making this cookbook, The Tequila Diet, I chose El Bastón del Rey Tequila because, in my professional opinion as a chef and in my personal opinion as a lover of tequila, it is the best tequila I’ve ever tasted.

It makes recipes better, and there’s nothing else like it...

The Tequila Diet: Exploring Mexican Food & Drink with the World's Greatest Spirit

Bravo’s Top Chef Alum Dave Martin brings you 'The Tequila Diet', an homage to the world's greatest spirit and a guide to some of the most loved classic foods of Mexico. This easy-to-follow book is a collection of recipes inspired by Mexico and infused with El Baston del Rey Tequila.

Within the book, you'll find recipes for cocktails that can be shaken by a budding bartender and authentic Mexican dishes that can be prepared by the home cook or aspiring chef. Dave has also included tequila pairings for every dish to help make this book the ultimate entertaining companion. 'The Tequila Diet' can be your culinary & cocktail resource that brings a small piece of Mexico into your home and heart.