Reposado Tequila

reposado tequila from bastondelrey

What is Reposado Tequila?

If you love tequila, but the full bodied, strong flavor of añejos are not for you, reposado may be your tequila of choice. This tasty and refreshing spirit is smooth sipped straight and will also make the best margarita you’ve ever tasted. Reposado, meaning “rested,” tequilas are typically aged between two months and one year. They are aged (or rested, one might say) for significantly shorter than añejo tequilas, but longer than silvers, creating a refreshing flavor between the two flavors.

Enjoying Reposado

It’s hard to drink Baston Del Rey’s Reposado tequila without enjoying it, but if you’re hoping for maximum enjoyment we have a few suggestions. Whether you are looking for some high quality reposado cocktails, or a great meal to make to go along with your top shelf tequila, here are some recipes for food and drink to try:

Reposado Cocktails

For Margarita Mondays, family events, or elegant dinner parties, you can’t go wrong with some of our favorite tequila cocktail recipes including:

Foods That Pair Great With Reposado Tequila

If you’re hoping to create not only a delicious cocktail but a full food and beverage experience, there are many great food pairing options for reposado tequila. Because this beverage has a more gentle flavor than anejo tequilas, there are many great culinary flavors that can bring out the best in Baston Del Rey. Try some of the following: