Extra Añejo Tequila


What Makes Tequila An Extra Añejo?

As the name suggests, Extra Añejo tequilas are tequilas aged for the longest duration of time. To be classified as Extra Añejo, a tequila must be aged for at least three years, and ours are aged for 3 .5 years because we feel that amount of time yields the best flavor results.

Drinking Extra Añejo Tequila

Extra Añejo tequilas are meant to be sipped neat. This sipping tequilas pure flavors need not be mixed with other flavors (if you’re making cocktails with tequila, use our reposado tequila). If you’re new to sipping tequila, here’s the proper way to taste this beverage and also some great food options to pair with Extra Añejo tequila.

How To Taste Tequila

To get the full experience of sipping a fine tequila, you’ll need to follow proper protocol. The first step is pouring three to four ounces of tequila in a tequila sipping glass (a champagne flute will also work!). Once your glass is full, smell the tequila and take in the aroma. Next, breathe in and take a small sip. Pause for a second before swallowing to fully take in the flavor. Enjoy!

Handcrafted Works of Art

When you choose Baston Del Rey tequilas, you’re not only getting great tequila; our bottles are handmade works of arts. Forged in the workshops of small town artisans in Guadalajara, Mexico, these bottles are hand carved and masterfully prepared. When you enjoy our tequilas, be sure to take note of these fine pieces of art, showcasing Baston Del Rey’s signature logo that showcases “The Sceptre of the King,” the story behind our name and brand.