History of Baston del Rey Tequilaria

Tequila and Baston del Rey each have long and interesting histories. We like to think of them as intertwined — Baston del Rey is continuing the legacy and traditional techniques of early tequila artisans, and we are working back toward our predecessors with every cask.

Baston Del Rey's owner and family

Baston del Rey Story

The Avalos family has been making tequila the old-fashioned way for over 75 years, handing down Baston del Rey’s stewardship through three generations. Today, Baston del Rey is under the guidance of Pablo Dominguez Avalos. Pablo’s grandfather started the business, and Pablo’s father succeeded him. All of the fourth and fifth generations of the Avalos family are now learning the craft of making artisanal tequila and working in the tequilaria and Baston del Rey’s tasting rooms.

Our Name

The name “el Baston del Rey” translates to “the Scepter of the King” (or “the staff” or “walking stick of the King”). The Avalos family named their tequila “el Baston del Rey” during the time that Pablo’s father ran the company. His health was poor toward the end of his life and he had great difficulty walking, but he did not want to stay in a chair in his home. Pablo said to his father, “Come, walk with me.” To which his father replied, “How?”

“You will put your hand on my shoulder and I will help you. You are the king of this business and this family, and your children will be your “baston” — your scepter, support, and walking staff.” Since that time, Pablo has called their tequilas “el Baston del Rey” because, just as he held up and supported his father, each younger generation is the support that brings the business into the next part of its journey.

Pablo also liked the name because the blue agave plant reproduces itself by sending out an offshoot at the base of the plant. After a year, we remove and replant these offshoots and they become the next generation of blue agave that we make into tequila. Fittingly, these young offshoots are referred to as “el Baston.”


Baston Del Rey fire pit and employees