Baston Del Rey tequila bottles in front of a wood barrel
Apr 18 2017

Handmade Works of Art: The Story Behind Our Signature Tequila Labels

Baston Del Rey drinkers know our flavors and recognize our bottles, but few people know the story behind our signature labels. Handmade by local artisans in Guadalajara, the graphic on each of our tequila bottles is a unique work of art. Showcasing our logo and crisp design, these labels are made through an in-depth process that involves etching, texturing, and stamping by hand. Here’s some insight to how our labels are made and where this signature look and design comes from.

Handcrafted In Guadalajara

Far from factories of mass production and tacky ubiquitous design, our labels are unique works from a tiny shop in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Each label is shaped from aluminum, then stamped, painted, and textured by hand.

From Silver to Anejo, each varietal of tequila has a different color, and no two labels are exactly the same.  Once a label has been stamped and filed to smooth any rough edges, they are painted with the color that is chosen for a particular varietal of tequila. Our team has a new “Mexican-Style Whiskey” in the works, that will also showcase our classic label style but feature its own signature coloring.

Once the labels are painted, our specialists use a cloth to finish the letters, logo, and design to make them stand out.  Then, the paint is then allowed to dry and a sponge is used to make a texture pattern.  This pattern varies with each spirit, keeping the same overarching theme but showcasing individual flare for each varietal. Our new whiskey labels will also showcase a signature feel using a crackle finish. This finish will be applied to the paint to give them an “old style,” timeless feel instead of using a sponge to make a more specific design.

“The Sceptre of the King”

Our logo design is an illustration of our brand name, which translates to “the Sceptre of the King.”  We dreamt up this logo with the design team at Marketeering Group to incorporate elements that showcase different aspects of our brand. This design combines etchings might be at the top of a king’s scepter, and the crown at the top of the logo representing the royalty of a king.  The leaves on the logo put a royal spin on agave leaves, and convey the idea that the product comes from a plant and is meant to be consumed by royalty.

Finally, the plates used to stamp the labels onto the bottles are also made by hand on a machine. Once labels are attached, our process is done and bottles will be sent on their way for your enjoyment.

This process takes a long time, and requires a true artist to execute well. No computers, 3D printing, or automated processes are used at any point in the process; just talent, patience, and attention to detail.

At Baston Del Rey, we strive to provide our customers with top notch, great tasting tequilas. To learn more about our process and our tequilas, visit our website today!

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