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Dec 20 2016

Dishes That Pair Perfectly with Tequila

When you hear about food and drink pairings, your first thought may go to something like wine or beer. However, if you’re only focusing on these two options, you’re missing out on a fantastic tasting experience. Tequila is another type of liquor that pairs well with some of your favorite dishes and, you may be surprised to learn, has an incredibly intricate palate.

Here are some introductory methods to pair tequila up with food that brings out it’s best flavor. As a general guideline, you can pair up the three different tequilas with the three meal courses: silver with appetizers, reposado with the main course, and añejo with the dessert.

  • Silver Tequila: Also known as blanco tequila, it is the clear tequila made with blue agave and it is not aged. It pairs well with dishes like soups and salads, and is generally well complemented by foods with acidity, meaning that you should start with something citrusy, such as ceviche or a fresh salsa. Silver tequila is not too overwhelming, so it’s a good choice to start your meal.
  • Reposado Tequila: Reposado tequila, unlike blanco, is aged in an oak barrel for two months before it is released, adding a slight oaky flavor to the agave. Any type of dish that includes orange, cinnamon, or honey will be an excellent pairing for reposado. Combining these flavors with a grilled meat, such as in a reduction sauce, would be even better.
  • Añejo Tequila: Añejo tequila is aged the longest, at 14 to 18 months in an oak barrel, which is why it is also the darkest in coloring. Añejo does well with strong, rich flavors, often associated with dessert. Flavors like coffee and chocolate pair well with the tequila, offsetting its full flavor.

Remember, these lists are simply suggestions, so feel free to do some more research and conduct an interesting (and delicious) experiment!

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