From the First Sip: Baston del Rey Comes to America

The perfect tequila. John Miller reacted to his first sip of the rich gold-colored liquid in his fluted glass with this thought. It was smooth, with subtle notes on the nose and a delicious spectrum across the palate, followed by a warm finish – without a hint of harshness. It tasted unlike any tequila he had ever tried. The first sip was exquisite.

Before raising the glass to his lips again, his second inclination was to bring this tequila back to the United States to enjoy at home.

A passion for this fine liquor ensnared Miller. He thought of family and friends who would regale in the spirit. He thought of other tequila enthusiasts who would enjoy the rich colors and nuanced flavors that filled his glass. He knew others would enjoy these tequilas as much as he did.

The process of bringing Baston del Rey to the United States required patience. Navigating governments and the private sector alike demanded the skills of a deft businessman. Which, luckily, Miller possesses. But there were other considerations. Would the family-owned, small-batch distillery be ready to face the challenges of the world stage? Sometimes the allure of a vision outweighs the risk of the unknown.

The vision came to fruition with the release of Baston del Rey in the United States in December of 2016. Those who ventured out to the town of Arenal from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico tasted the wonders from Baston del Rey at the source. They were thrilled to know the brand is now available at home. Meanwhile, those new to tequilas have been stunned by the beverage’s qualities and flavors.

Consumer demand for handcrafted and origin sourced tequila continues to increase. Connoisseurs recognize the value in using 100% Blue Agave from the region around the ‘City of Tequila’ and expect small-batch production to yield high quality results. The public expects more of their spirits than the harsh afterburn of bottom-shelf tequila. Baston del Rey dispels the preconceptions and hope to instill a passion for the world’s finest tequila.

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