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Nov 21 2016

How Barreling Enhances Aged Tequila

Like many alcoholic beverages, from fine wines to high quality whiskeys, tequila often benefits from barreling and aging. This isn’t some weird urban legend, elitist marketing ploy, or common practice with no basis in science. Barreling can make a huge difference to the color, quality, flavor, and aroma of certain alcoholic beverages, including tequila.

Different companies have different practices, which involved different barreling periods and barrels made from different kinds of wood. If you’ve ever wondered why some of the most expensive liquors are aged in wood barrels, you’ll soon have a better understanding of the practice!

What Do Barrels Do to Tequila?

At its most basic, the process of barreling is one of refining the scent and flavor of the liquid being stored and aged in the barrels. For this reason, difference drinks are stored and barreled in barrels made of different woods and for varying amounts of time, to produce a better final product.

In some cases, the aging can result in a darker color and a more complex flavor, which makes barreled tequilas a better option for sipping and top shelf mixed drinks. The tequilas that are barreled for the longest may have such robust and complex flavor that they can be enjoyed on their own.

Want to Taste the Difference? Compare Our Silver with Our Añejo or Reposado

If you would like to learn first hand how barreling can impact the flavor, aroma, and finish of our tequilas, the easiest way to see (and smell and taste) the difference is by comparing our tequilas. The Baston del Rel Silver Tequila is not barreled or aged. This allows for a base of comparison for other tequilas.

Our Resposado Tequila is stored in barrels made from Canadian Oak, a wood known for imparting very little of its own flavor to the tequila, for 6-12 months, resulting in a very smooth finished product.

Our Añejo Tequila is aged 18 to 24 months in American Oak, with flavors of vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch that come from the barrels, making it a sipping tequila.

Baston del Rey Barrel-Ages Most of Our Tequila for Optimal Flavor

The longer a tequila is barreled, the greater the impact on the final product. Our Extra Añejo is aged for somewhere between three and three and a half years in a French Oak barrel, which produces the most bold color and complex flavor of any of our tequilas, lending it to being drunk and savored on its own.

Whether you’re looking for something sippable and complex or smooth and perfect for a margarita, Baston del Rey has a tequila that fits your needs.

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